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About Us

The Owner

Our owner has faithfully served customers throughout the DFW Area since 1974, and is committed to running the most qualified and current car repair shop in the business. Customer relationships based on trust, combined with a focus on customer service, are our highest priority. We think of our repair shops as the "Macy's of the car Repair Business." We're more like a community, and we make sure our customers want to come back to us. Overseas Car Care has a very dedicated client base and a team of employees who feel appreciated for their high quality work

Our Service Writers

Our Service Writers have been in the car business for 20 years. They came to Overseas Car Care from major car dealerships and find their talents better served in an independent repair shop environment. Their extensive BMW, Volvo, Mercedes and European Car product knowledge makes them a valuable resource for customers and Holland Car Care technicians alike.

Overseas Car Care Technicians

Each one of our employees has worked in the service industry for at least ten years, and most of our technicians have over twenty years of experience and a number of ASE certifications. To keep up with the latest technology, our technicians go through a series of in-house training sessions each month. Their "can-do" philosophy and extensive knowledge of state-of-the-art equipment keeps our customers faithful. We feel fortunate to have such a dedicated and qualified team of employees on our staff.

Open Facility

Overseas Car Care's customers always come first. We know your car is one of your biggest investments and that you rely on it every day.

Environmentally Friendly Facility

When you step into one of our repair shops, you will notice how clean the shop is. This is due to our strong commitment to recycling and our use of non-toxic substances. In fact, we find that hot water and biodegradable soap works very well for dissolving grease on parts.

Automative Service Excellence 100% Satisfaction Guarranteed PPG Certified!